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Ireland (aka The Emerald Isle!) is full of scenic coastlines, small towns and villages with friendly faces and lots of hidden gems!
Laura Nugent
A lush green landscape with hedgerows zig zagging across the fields and a small white house in the distance.

Dia dhuit!

Ireland has to be one of my favourite travel destinations because I’m very fortunate to have been born and raised there (so I’m a little biased!).

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Recommendations from Laura


  • The West Coast (Kerry and Galway) is definitely worth the drive and stay.


  • Fish and chips beside the sea! If you’re on the east coast, Howth is a beautiful spot and very well known for their fish and chips – Beshoff Bros and Leo Burdock’s in particular!



  • Drive the Ring of Kerry and make sure to see the Wild Atlantic Way! The small towns and villages along the way are beautiful, and you really get a feel for the culture in Ireland. The live traditional Irish music and atmosphere in the small pubs is the best!

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