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New York City

Not sure New York needs much of a description, but it’s one of the most popular cities in the US! There’s tonnes to see, eat and do, and as Alicia Keys famously declared, New York is a "concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can't do."
Hanah Lim
Crowds milling around an American flab on the grounds in front of the Statue of Liberty.


I love big cities and New York certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard. I visited in the fall and the vibes were quite immaculate. I got to check out a tonne of famous landmarks and sights that I can now cross off my bucket list, tried new experiences like going to a Broadway show, and had some of the best food!

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  • Going to a Broadway show is a must! I went to go see Mean Girls and would highly recommend it.
  • The Color Factory is an interactive art museum that I’d also recommend. I had such a good time!

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