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Cát Bà Island

Cát Bà Island is located in northern Vietnam in southeastern Lan Ha Bay. One of the largest islands in a scattered archipelago, Cát Bà boasts ruggedly beautiful landscapes and coastlines that you can explore on your moped or bicycle.
Kenan Jallad
A pebbled path leads to a large, forested limestone peak.

Xin Chao,

Big islands are always a treat. You get that remote-wilderness vibe, plus you’re exposed to different landscapes and so much biodiversity. Once we rode our motorbikes away from the main tourist strip, every inch of the island was a photo-ready moment.

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Quân Cát Bà (seafood) for dinner is a guaranteed highlight.


Any local café off the beaten path, nestled in a residential laneway, will give you the greatest Vietnamese coffee experience you’ve ever had. There’s a custom of providing artichoke iced tea (which sounds gross but it’s sweet and refreshingly delicious, especially in that heat and humidity).


Get on a motorbike and explore every inch of the island with a GoPro camera. You can admire herds of water buffalo blocking the road as you weave through them!

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