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Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a medium-sized Italian city nestled up against the pre-Alps. Think North Vancouver, but with Venice an hour away by train.
David Webb
A view of the town and surrounding green landscape from a walkway.


Bassano del Grappa is the home of my second family. It’s ancient, charming and not too big, but there are still a hundred places to get a Campari spritz.

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  • Caffe Garibaldi for the porcini mushroom tagliatelle.
  • Bella Capri for the Napoletano pizza.
  • Tramezzini everywhere! Or just drop in and browse at El Bocon del Prete in via Gamba and take in the aromas of cheese and cold cuts.


  • Prosecco! Campari spritz (or Aperol spritz if you’re feeling fragile).
  • Bar Breda in vicolo Jacopo da Ponte is an excellent enoteca.
  • The mezzo-e-mezzo at Nardini at the north end of the Ponte Vecchio is legendary.
  • Mariga Enoteca is tucked away under the south end of the Ponte Vecchio and serves prosecco and carefully curated wines that you can buy and take home.


  • Cycling up in the mountains. Tonnes of hiking trails. Walks along the Brenta River.
  • Prosecco touring in Valdobbiadene (the home of prosecco) is about a 45-minute drive away.
  • Palazzo Sturm hosts an excellent ceramics museum (the Bassano area is renowned for ceramics).
  • The Civic Museum in Piazza Garibaldi (enter through an old church cloister) has great historical displays and local art.

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