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Dore Lake

Dore Lake is a large (20-mile radius) out-of-the-way lake in Saskatchewan, where the fishing is world class! Pike over 25 pounds and walleye over 13 pounds are not unheard of.
Ryan Bender
A young girl stands at the front of a motor boat, holding a rod, while the sun rises in the background.


For one week a year, my family and my wife’s parents head to Dore Lake to disconnect from technology and society and enjoy the outdoors. It’s been going on for over 22 years for some members of our family, 13 years for myself and 11 years for my daughter.

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  • Dore Lake Lodge is an outfitters’ campsite with several small cabins available, or you can bring your own trailer unit.


  • Eat the fresh fish you catch, or whatever else you bring up for the week. We split dinner duties among our group. We pre-prep some meals for everyone beforehand and then rely on what we catch for a couple days as well.


  • By your campfire, in the cabins, on the dock during a calm quiet evening sunset … it’s amazing!


  • The main reason people come here is for the fishing and getting away from technology. There’s limited access available in the main lodge, but it’s best not to connect at all in my opinion.

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