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Hallstatt is a small lakeside storybook village located in the Salzkammergut mountain district of Austria. It’s on the way to Salzburg if you are travelling from Vienna and well worth a stay overnight.
Aaron Law
A quaint village on the shores of a lake with steep mountains behind.

Griaß di,

If, like me, you enjoy getting lost in 16th-century alleyways and people-watching by a lake, then this is the town for you. The funicular takes you from the gentle lake to the ancient salt mine. Experience the local culture by staying at one of the many alpine houses and dine at one of the lakeside restaurants serving fresh catch of the day. You’ll forget about any stress in your everyday life. We visited this tiny slice of heaven in 2010, but have yet to make our way back.

Recommendations from Aaron


  • To experience the local culture, stay at an alpine house.


  • Sample a fresh catch of the day at a lakeside restaurant.


  • Try one of the many local beers or maybe a schnaps if you are feeling adventurous.


  • Take a stroll around town and get lost in the alleyways.
  • Visit the 7,000-year-old salt mine.
  • Rent a paddle boat and savour the view of the town from the middle of the lake.

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