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Alberta’s capital. The City of Champions. Festival City. Whatever you want to call it, once you get beneath its cold exterior, Edmonton shows itself as a vibrant city filled with friendly people.
John Yoon
The Edmonton skyline and Walterdale Bridge at night.


I grew up in Edmonton, so it’ll always have the nostalgic at-home feel for me, but it’s exploded in recent years and has come into its own while maintaining its friendly small-city vibes.

Recommendations from John


  • For families with kids, the Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall is a blast. Rooms have themes like tropical island, space, and igloo, making it an interesting way to mix up your typical hotel experience.


  • Corso 32 is great for good Italian food in a sleek modern setting.
  • MEAT is the place to go if you’re craving barbecue, and their brunch is always popular (I like their chicken and waffles).
  • The Sugar Bowl near the University has a great beer selection and their bread pudding could feed a family of four.
  • When I’m in town, I always go to H-Mart, a Korean grocery store, to get Korean street food in their food court.


  • For cocktails and easy-to-share-but-don’t-want-to-share small plates, Clementine is a great choice.
  • For coffee, ACE Roasters is my choice, and I always pick up a bag of beans for home when I’m there.


  • Edmonton hosts over 50 festivals every year. Some of my favourites are the Folk Fest, the International Jazz Fest, and the Heritage Festival. The Heritage Festival is when all the different communities in the city showcase their cuisines; it’s a great opportunity to try authentic foods from all over the world.
  • Whyte Avenue is a fun area to explore. With all its restaurants, cafés and boutiques, it’s a great place to shop and dine.

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