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New Orleans

Claimed by the French crown in 1682 and traded to the US in the Louisiana purchase, New Orleans is a simmering gumbo of diverse cultures – the Cajun, the Spanish, the French, the Creole, African-American, and a dabbling of the American South call this place home.
Brian Edwards
The rainy streets of New Orleans at night.


New Orleans is a city of spirit and soul. The ancestors of this wonderful city enchant the brass horn players, spice the soul-food diners and stir the never-ending tourist revelry.

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Recommendations from Brian


  • Stay at the hotel Peter & Paul. Seriously, don’t even shop around.


  • Josephine Estelle is a place I return to each time I go. The connected Ace Hotel has a great lobby, cocktails and regular events.


  • Café Du Monde is a morning must. As the sun sets, please, please, please visit Bacchanal Wine, live dangerously on Bourbon St. with a tall sugary cocktail while you saunter between clubs.


  • First, read about the city. The history is mesmerizing. Go listen to live music. Anywhere. Visit Bourbon St., but rescue yourself before you’re too tanked and head to Frenchman St., where the locals hang. Grab a blue bike and go as far as you can on St. Charles. Spend a Tuesday night at the Maple Leaf Bar. Visit the incredible World War 2 Museum, and be prepared to spend way more time there than you’d think.

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