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Rishikesh is truly a one-of-a-kind place situated at the foothills of Himalayan mountains in India. It’s considered a holy city where meat and alcohol are prohibited. The River Ganges runs through the city, and every night there is a ritual performed that involves placing a floating lamp and flowers on the river. The whole atmosphere is very spiritual and enchanting.
Anya Aksenovich


I love Rishikesh because of the deeply spiritual feeling around it. It’s astonsishing to watch so many people perform a daily ritual of devotion to the river. I also love that there are tonnes of interesting cafés and street art around the city. It has ancient history and yet it’s so vibrant in its own way. There are numerous places for yoga and meditation, and I was able to find a really great local teacher. I also met locals and travellers from all over the world – each one with a unique story and in search of something.

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