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Rogers Pass

Rogers Pass in British Columbia is home to the Alpine Club of Canada’s Arthur O. Wheeler Hut. During the warmer months, explorers can embark on some truly world-class hikes, and when the white stuff flies, the Hut offers access to several premier backcountry skiing expeditions right from its front steps.
Madelin Entz
A sunny day in the heart of Glacier National Park.

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When visiting Rogers Pass, I recommend a day trip up Perley Rock to the glacier. In the springtime, a short drive to Golden will reward you with the rushing white waters of the Kicking Horse River. A guided rafting tour is sure to be a good time!

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  • Arthur O. Wheeler Hut run by the Alpine Club of Canada offers a cozy hostel experience for those looking to explore the Rogers Pass area.


  • Hiking, backcountry touring, whitewater rafting.

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