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Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is one of the many beautiful Gulf Islands in BC. It’s there where my friends and I like to spend time whenever we need to rest and recharge. We discovered this island about 15 years ago, and we love every visit as much as the first.
Elena Rosu
A glass of red wine sits on a wooden table outdoors in a garden lush with greenery and flowers.


Salt Spring Island has everything that makes me feel as though I live closer to nature and the basics of life. Not only is the landscape amazing – including Mount Maxwell and beautiful seashores – but it also has farms, studios, bakeries, wineries, breweries…everything. You can always find fresh, good-quality food and wine. However, what I like most is that while I’m there it feels as if life has a different rhythm. Everything seems to slow down and I can actually feel the space and time.

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Recommendations from Elena


  • There aren’t a lot of restaurants on the island, but who needs restaurants when you can have fresh food from the farm and wine from the winery?


  • Salt Spring Vineyards – This is a favourite of mine, especially if you like port wine. Their blackberry dessert wine is the best!


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