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Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is a quirky little island nestled up to Vancouver Island.
Stephen Brown
Fields of bright purle lavender growing on a hillside with trees, buildings and a greenhouse in the background.

Hi there,

On Salt Spring Island, there’s always something new and unexpected around every corner – all of it moving at a slow, relaxing pace. Fortunately for me, slow is just my speed. I like that you can sit by a lake or go out on an excursion and remain equally relaxed. Excursions typically consist of a tour to see how something is made or grown, whether it’s cider, cheese, glass or lavender. This doesn’t even touch on the art scene. If it’s natural, artsy, cheesy, crafty, outdoorsy or boozy, then chances are you’ll find it here. The island is small, so you won’t miss anything, including some pretty nice scenery.

Recommendations from Stephen


We stayed at The Cottages on Salt Spring Island. There’s nothing like having your very own lakeside cottage. BBQs, paddle boards and canoes are waiting for you, though we brought our own paddle boards. The only noise “disturbing” the peace was the occasional bleating of sheep from across the lake. It was pretty neat to hear them when you’re not expecting it. It’s subtle, so the first few times you question yourself.


There are too many little places to recommend just one. On this island, you have to try them all. However, if you’re into cheese be sure to check out Salt Spring Island Cheese.


Visiting a winery, cider company, brewery or distillery are all options on Salt Spring. There’s no need to limit yourself to visiting just one. The island is so small you can hit them all. Tours are available so letting someone else drive might be a good idea.


Salt Spring Studio Tour is a self-guided tour that covers all the bases from food and wine to arts and crafts. This will have your touring the island end-to-end.

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