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Davis’s Uncle Ignorer

Davis de Souza, Habanero Consulting Inc.
Davis de Souza

AvePoint Lead, Western Canada

Everyone has *that* uncle. The one who loves to parrot Tucker Carlson but without the smarmy bow-tie. The holidays serve as a special time for those special uncles to voice their special unsolicited uncle opinions. This drink is the remedy. Soon you won’t be able to even register the wild things your extended family says! Apply liberally.

Uncle Ignorer


  • Rye
  • Lots of rye
  • Maybe a bit of Coke Zero
  • Ice
  • Lime if you’re fancy!


Step 1

Start making and consuming these drinks well before your extended family arrives for the big party.

Step 2

Make sure you have at least 60 ounces of Alberta Premium Rye, as others may need a drink to help cope.

Step 3

Start by taking a rocks glass and placing 2 ice cubes inside.

Step 4

Fill the glass a third or a half-full with rye.

Step 5

Add a splash of Coke Zero for colour.

Step 6

Stir with your finger for expedience.

Step 7

If you’re looking to add a tropical flair to your coping mechanism, squeeze a bit of fresh lime.

Step 8

Make sure you refill as you go. Never complete the drink but also never stop refilling.

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