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Sadogashima is a small, historical island off the west coast of Japan. It has loads of great food, scenery, history and culture.
Dale Pidlisny
Small groups of people float on a lake in wooden boats. The landscape around the lake is lush and green.

おっす! (Oss!)

Sadogashima is the exact opposite of where I grew up. There are gobs of trees, mountains, ocean and history. What keeps me thinking about it is the relaxing, slow pace of island life. The small, quiet towns peppered all over the island are a pleasure to walk through and explore since they’re scaled appropriately for people, not traffic. It’s easy to enjoy the sites and sounds and pop into a shop if it piques your curiosity – and it will, because there’s a noticeable lack of chain stores and recognizable franchises, so there’s lots to explore and discover.

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There are many options for whatever you’re into, whether it’s a B&B, a traditional Japanese-style hotel with an onsen, or camping.


If you take the ferry into Ogi, there’s a tasty donut shop near the port that you need to try.


Sado Island is famous for their milk!


  • Ride the washtub boats (tarai-bune).
  • Explore the narrow historic streets of Shukunegi.
  • Join one of the many festivals taking place throughout the year.
  • If below ground is more your speed, explore the 400 kms of historic gold mines.

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