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Skoki Lodge

Skoki Lodge is an off-grid, historic, back country ski lodge northeast of Lake Louise in the Skoki Valley. It was built by the local ski club in the late 1920s.
James Sloane
A selfie of a man and woman wearing baseball caps and sunglasses with a view of a lake, pine trees and snow-capped peaks behind them.


Skoki’s Lodge’s location and history make it feel like you are in a very special place. Imagine hiking over two mountain passes past soaring cliffs, pristine lakes and alpine meadows to arrive at a charming log lodge by a creek and waterfall. You sit to rest, and a while you are taking in the mountain views and natural air, someone brings you a cold beer and a charcuterie plate. In the evening, you dine by candlelight, because there is no electricity. I’ve only been here twice: Once with my wife, Karen, the year after we were married, and the second time to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

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There’s only one choice, but the hosts are talented cooks.


Skoki is pretty luxurious for being deep in the back country. The bar, beer cooler and wine cellar are fully stocked.


Hike i the summer and ski in the winter, which was the original purpose of the lodge.

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